Richard gets New York City

Richard gets New York City better than most. Read his analysis, in which he inspires paroxysms of envy by coining the adjective “perambulophilic” to describe residents of the Apple. Since he ascribes the presumably-lisped prefix on his domain name to his nelly-ness, I would say don’t believe the hype; we all need some nelly in our lives more than Missy Elliot and the St. Lunatics crew combined. That boy is just hot.

And when you read:

Watching a 95-pound model wolf down two Sicilian slices while carrying on a cell-phone conversation with her agent (no headset) and digging her apartment keys out of her Coach rugby bag–now that’s talent.

You might assume it’s hyperbole for literary effect, but it’s eerily accurate. I live down the street from one of the Elite Modeling Agency offices, and I see their sub-super models ghosting in and out of a nearby supermarket (slogan: “the food tastes as good on its way back up as it did on the way down!”) on occasion, each juggling their multitasking as effectively as any other pretty, slim, pricey item with an unlikely design and a tendency towards an over-inflated sense of self-importance.