AdCritic replacements

Those of you still mourning the passing of Ad Critic might want to peruse the (lackluster, but promising) offerings at AdReview and AdForum. There are also a good variety of ads rotating through the features at AdAge Global. Particularly interesting to me was Commercial Closet, an outstanding collection of gay-inclusive or -targeted ads.

While researching this stuff I found AdWeak, which name is unfortunately largely accurate as a description of its parodic attempts at the expense of AdWeek, but it’s still good for a once-over and a quick laugh. As far as advertising journalism goes, I still think one of the best resources around is Stewart Elliot’s "In Advertising" newsletter (sample ) for the New York Times. It’s mentioned in passing in this article as "[we]blogging by email" and that seems a pretty apt description.

And I remember reading an infrequent advertising column in the Money section of USA Today when I was a kid, does anybody know if that’s still around?