There is nothing better than a reminder of how blessed I am. My good friends whose pregnancy was so reassuring and inspiring to me a few months ago just announced that little Elias has entered the world. He is, fortunately, a very cute baby. I was worried that, despite his attractive parentage and mixed race he’d be a not-cute baby, and then I’d be forced to coo over anything less than one of the most beautiful babies ever. My fears have been assauged.

I’m so happy for these two, although my eyebrow remains officially raised, as the wedding was a scant eight months ago. Suuuure he was premature. Right.

Also, for the record, it is the attractiveness of biracial children that, to me, serves as the strongest argument against racists. I mean, yeah racism is morally wrong and all that. And I know there are still many parts of this planet that “don’t cotton to the race-mixin’…” if you know what I mean. But that just means those people will be denied the privilege of spending time around the most beautiful people in the world. A beauty inside and out, as their naturally attractive exteriors are usually matched by a breadth of experience that makes for a formidably alluring personality. So closed-mindedness is its own punishment.

What I’m saying is, go taint somebody’s bloodline.