i didn't write

I still didn’t write my writeup of the last 2 weeks in which I was doing many tremendous things. I don’t feel guilty about it. So I’ll just post my notes. It kind of all seems relatively unimportant, as I mentioned the other day.

I mean, I wasn’t going to tell you but then it seems uncharacteristically reserved of me to not mention it. I am, you see, doing what I do best in the springtime. And it’s a quarter of three in the morning and I’m watching some hackneyed, predictable date movie.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I had some notes of what was going on the past few days of my rock star life:



Anil is an Indian Superhero. What other kind is there?

Here’s the fucking thing about California: I wanted to buy a toothbrush. The concierge (French for “jackass”) informed me that I’d have to bring one and a half tons of steel and plastic and glass and car up to SEVENTY MILES PER HOUR and travel one exit down the freeway to buy a one dollar toothbrush. Does that seem like frigging madness to anyone else? Anyone? Bueller?

I just did a search, and I wasn’t happy with the results. Who should feel my wrath?

Frequently Asked Question: Who should feel my wrath?

Maggie and Bryan should adopt me. My only disappointment was in finding out that Maggie actually does writes down the things she quotes on her site. I had just attributed all those great quotes to her exceptional memory. Mightygirl.net: It’s like sausage, you don’t wanna know how it’s made.

The NY Times loves booklend almost as much as I do, but I am biased because of MarkAnd Steve and the inestimable V.


Ernie takes well to spanking. And he laughs at all my jokes. Can you say dream date?

Name Spaces As Tools for Integrating the Operating System Rather Than As Ends in Themselves!

steve told us that everyone should just try, like ya know, as a home-ec project, making their own DTDs. I had made my first Document Type Description, not so coincidentally, just 3 days earlier, and this made me feel secretly superior. (he endured life story, also the thing with raleigh and heather)

RCB‘s approval is a good sign my life is on the right track. I would also like to marry her and Jesse, collectively.

That girl with all the smiles told me, when we were walking on the beach, “You know, if you’d have asked me back then, I’d have stayed.” I cocked my head, a dubious look on my face. “No, really, I would have. Probably wouldn’t have been the smartest thing to do, but I would have.” Hmm. “So, no wonder she is in the same place as you… I’m not surprised at all.” It is nice, isn’t it?

Reality, Reality.

I still hate L.A. I could drive around Sunset Blvd. all day, though. Getting bumped up in a rental car rules.

Philomena Frances Frances Grabowski Trott. I am sure that there’s a terrific anagram of that, I’ll leave it as an exercise to Ben to figure out what exactly it spells out. These two are probably the two best new friends I made during this nice long stretch of new friends.

I just don’t see Courtney and Lane often enough. Although with his ship-sinking loose lips, I might have to watch my tongue around that boy anyhow. (that marriage thing)

Plane peeve, with the landings.

I have always secretly believed that every woman I’ve ever dated holds onto a quiet, lingering crush on me, or at least the memory of me. The footnote to this ridiculous belief is that every woman I’ve ever had a crush on should be similarly crushed to find out the crush has ended. Alison took that particular heartbreak particularly well.

Lisa Whiteman explained that her last name is spelled like “White Man”. After she told me of her cousin named “Rich”, I knew that I liked this woman.

Every fucking person on the planet takes better photos than me. I will continue to blame this on the fact that they have thousand dollar cameras.

Jason is a good friend, and a good man, and a good storyteller. But the friendship-between-straight-men Sincerity Clause prohibits me from telling him so directly.

When I’m in big groups, I talk so much I annoy myself. Ben, Paul, Nikolai, and a few others would serve as very helpful role models in my quest to shut the hell up.

I was quite comforted to find that there is another man, whom I respect a great deal, who does not drink. I was even more pleased to see that he was secretly a judgemental prick, as I once was myself. We rule.

Three fellows that I spoke with had British accents. I’ll have to appropriate one of those some day. One of them was Nick, who has followed my advice (even in advance of our first meeting) and moved to New York. The rest of you should follow suit!

I can not believe how many people showed up for the kickball game. Amazing. I could cry. Why, it’s almost moving enough to make me get off my ass and update the page with scores and photos. Almost.

I am just plain in awe of Cory Doctorow. That guy is my total goddamned hero. I can’t say enough good things about him and what he does. I am love Cory.

http://slashdot.org/features/02/03/13/1952253.shtml?tid=126 (I secretly confessed that I didn’t really know any of Bruce Sterling’s work.)

Andre trumped my bouncing ball demo with his 3D-rendered Shiny Juggling Man demo. Fucker. [your jacket is ugly.]

Technical glitches really overshadow content. Shitty screen projectors with washed out text distract from cool panels. Non-fullscreen video with buzzing sound. And, of course, delayed videos. Resolution: Never use technology to say anything, ever again. Derailments of any sort do this, really. I talked to several people who swore up and down that the Veen keynote was about helping people install Flash.

Meg blamed me for ruining one of her panels. Considering that I think the panel went pretty well, I’ll take that as a compliment.

There were at least 3 New Yorkers whom I hadn’t seen since SXSW last year. I’m a jerk.

The only flight for which I wasn’t forced to take my shoes off, have my luggage gutted, and spread eagle for the security guy was the one that left from Texas. This, out of like a half-dozen flights all over the country in two weeks. There was something about removing my shoes, eating lukewarm insitutional food, and trying as hard as I could to seem “American” that left me feeling that flying in an airplane these days is eerily reminiscent of my trips to our Hindu temple as a kid.

I love the photos of me, Jish, and Amit. People tell m
e I look like Amit, which rules because that guy is hot. I hate that everyone loves Jish.

This is the second year in a row that Derek and Heather told me that I’m not nearly as much of an asshole as they thought I’d be. You guys aren’t assholes, either! Heather cheered up one of my coworkers during what has to be one of the hardest points in her life. That’s all you can ask from anyone, especially a Canadian. And special thanks to Derek for being understanding when I humped his giant book.

Next year, I’m gonna get the kickball game on the official list of events, and get a sponsor. Free t-shirts and beer for everyone!

Tantek was there and I never got to meet him once. I suck.

I like Ryan.

I need to have more of my workday spent selling myself and the stuff I do. I got to do that for a bunch of people at LA Weekly and boy is it ever fun being an evangelist. Especially for cool shit. Nice buncha folks, even. Job-liking is a precious thing.

People eat that “yes, dear” shirt up.

As part of my quest to return to my roots as a white man, I have developed a bit of fetish for asian women. I want to oppress and admire them, simultaneously. Min Jung benefits from my flirtatiousness due to my newfound proclivity. I don’t love you, I love your race!

Jason Fried and I really hit it off after I revealed my roots as a white man. He and Nick Finck were profoundly good sports about my little NSync adventure. Pix soon, I promise.

I should not taunt Jeff Veen. That guy could have me killed. I’d only have like one, maybe two dissenting votes on the whole Adaptive Path team if he made a motion to have their goon squads off me. And you know who’d vote against me? Fucking Peter. “Yeah! Kill Anil!”


I forgot to tell Dana (and Andre) that she looked super hott this year, even more than ever.

I don’t spend enough time with my family. My cousin and I stayed up until like 2 in the morning (which, if you consider the time zone difference, is actually noon the day before) talking about Michael Jackson and her (my cousin, not MJ) improbably large rabbit (“they’re always big, except the dwarves, they’re game animals!” whatever.) and other randomness and I forget in between each time we meet that there’s that much there. Plus, she laughs at my jokes.

I should wear that white sweater every goddamned day of my life.

Jay was super awesome cool, even if he was a lackluster scorekeeper during kickball. But if I could, I’d give him a pricey digital camera every day, just to see his face light up.

I could go on about the French, but it’d be rude. But that‘s not why I left Austin…

And yeah, so, I’m in love.