blogger api

I will just give you the links:

PHP code to access the Google API. Incidentally, WSDL is amazing. And, in keeping with the programmer’s rule that laziness is rewarded, I have no incentive to finish my Word-to-BloggerAPI interface because, of course, it’s been done.

My rant against the insecurity that makes people want to compare weblogs to journalism, inspired by John Hiler’s ruminations about a weblogging code of ethics and weblogs as (sigh.) journalism.

Sparring with Monique about people’s willingness to accept shit and call it a weblog, prompted by her anti-elitism rant. I want to call bullshit on the people who make crap.

Un reconocimiento peque�ito for the Dvorak thread, which I got bored with last week, but I am still kind of amused by my response to his original article. (Secret confession: I like John, and agree with most of his points.)

I want to help Cory kill NetSol.

Macromedia’s John Dowdell ruminates on their MX tools platform. A different vision than mine, but an excellent implementation of that vision.

When Heather launched her new design I tried recreating it in XHTML/CSS, just as an exercise. Compare the source of her page to this version to see one way it could be done.

Bouncing ideas from Steve to Meg makes me smarter.

Damien got excited, like I am, about the potential of wirelessness. So we clarified Bluetooth’s strengths and weaknesses against Wi-Fi.

Several people linked to OJR’s discussion of how the Wall Street Journalwasted spent almost $30 million on their redesign. But it was Rafe‘s mention of it that made me remember that an almost identical article at the end of January. Rafe also mentioned a despicable, sniveling, sorry excuse for a "businessman" who sued people for criticizing his company. The part that galled me about the article was that this guy expanded his charges and went after his targets more vehemently by a series of actions that included filing new claims against one of the people on September 15. This, from a person who lives on Long Island, less than an hour’s drive from Manhattan. Seems to me actual humans were busier with other things that week.

And then, for work, I discovered News Industry Text Format.

There’s more, I’ll get to that later.