I am, right now, having more fun than you. And now? We’re just about even. But wait…. now, again, I am having more fun than you. Life is good!

So, I’m off to Hotlanta, Georgia, the Capital of the New South, the City Too Busy To Hate, so I can accost a Segway-riding police officer and bribe them for a chance at taking the little scooter for a spin. Meanwhile, you can ponder the ramifications of a city proudly proclaiming that it would hate you, if only it could squeeze the hatred into its busy schedule. "Well, sir, we’d love to lynch you. But, dammit, we’re too busy making Coca Cola and tracking down that pesky Olympic bomber to round up a mob and get our hate on! Perhaps next year? Or maybe after The South Rises Again?"

Seems to me that they’d have done better just not mentioning the whole "hate" thing at all.