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Bill Maher, talking to Larry King about the opportunity for Americans to change:

[T]his past week the news was filled once again with Gary Condit and sharks, Larry. When it’s back to Condit and sharks, nothing has changed. But I mean, after September 11, until about maybe Thanksgiving, people I think were ready to adjust their attitude a little. To have some priority adjustment. How have we changed? Not at all. I mean, people act like if you say to them, well, you should drive a car that gets better gas mileage like you’re affronting the Bill of Rights. I’m an American and I’ll drive whatever I want.

I mean, can you imagine in World War II, when we were saving tin and stuff like that, if somebody said, you know what, I’ll use all the damn tin I feel like. I’m an American. This is nonsense that we have to be loyal to our flaws. Yeah, I’m dumb and I don’t know much about foreigners and I eat like a pig and I waste a lot of stuff, but that’s American. You know, I mean, this silly theory people have that if you do anything differently, they win. Well, no. If you become less gluttonous, less greedy, less myopic, more savvy about the world in general, they don’t win; you win. We all win.