Mac Geeks

One of the great things about working with true Cult of the Dogcow Mac afficionados is that they’re so brainwashed that they don’t even realize how amusing they are. Like today, Apple put out an update for their OS. Typically, their reaction to something new showing up on the Windows Update site for Windows users is a sneering mention of how insecure and pathetic that platform is. But this! This is the Bug Fix of the Gods!

Sample dialogue:

“Did you see that there’s improved WebDAV support?”
“No! What’s WebDAV?”
“I dunno, but it’s supposed to be a lot better.”

“Heh. It says, ‘Significant updates to the Korean Input Method’. Heh heh. If you know what I mean…”
“…and I think I do!”

“Whoa, AppleShare [a networking system that’s worked great on older Macs for a decade now] works right on our servers now!”

I really think they should just switch to Windows. They could revel in new, exciting, ass-kicking bug fixes every day of the week. My friends, I tell you this because I care: When Steve gives you back some minor feature that you’ve been able to do for almost 20 years, the proper response is not profuse thanks. The proper response is, “It’s about fucking time.”