Baby Outs Me

The most satisfying thing about my job is getting to work with very talented writers. From Laura Conaway’s "Baby Outs Me" :

But the day those nurses handed me a squalling Nate, I realized we must also defend our children’s lives, sometimes on the level of flesh and blood, more often in terms of their full ticket as human beings. We must give them a deep, unshakable sense of legitimacy that this world can never grant them and therefore can never take away.

…Sometimes in the schoolyard he’ll be D’Artagnan, all grace and flashing sword in defense of principle. Other times, he’ll be Peter at the crucifixion campfire, insisting he knows the condemned man not. I cannot take that struggle from him. It’s neither my duty nor my right. In all its pain and triumph, its comedy and loss, this will be his life. He will make sense of it. I know he will. He’s my son.

Anil Dash

Anil Dash

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