dork showtunes

Dork Showtunes, from an IM conversation with Andre:

andretorrez : hey
andretorrez : question
andretorrez : i have a div
anildash : ok
anildash : and i’ve got a span
andretorrez : in that div i have an

and a

andretorrez : shh
anildash : uh huh
andretorrez : i want to change the spacing between the H1 and the P
anildash : i was writing a kind of broadway musical-type thing there
andretorrez : hahah
anildash : just do a padding-bottom on the H1
andretorrez : fuck
anildash : h1 { padding-bottom : 10px; }
andretorrez : bottom-padding
andretorrez : fuck me
anildash : he’s got a div, and i’ve got a span
anildash : and he needs his space
anildash : and i’ve got a plan
anildash : bottommmm paaaaadding
andretorrez : I’ve got a DIV tag, I’ve got a SPAN
andretorrez : i was writing one too
andretorrez : i gave up
andretorrez : you win