Vermas in flight

From the NY Times, Bollywood Farce: Indian Actress and Family Are Detained:

“We were enjoying the flight and we were all very excited,” she said. “we were arguing over who would sit next to the window because New York is such a beautiful city, and it was our first time here. When the plane landed, the police came on and a woman pointed to us. Then they took the men away.”

It’s not that I don’t understand that people are scared, or that they can’t comprehend the behavior of those funny foreigners. It’s that I couldn’t tell them that Pamela Anderson was passing notes and have them escort the plane down to La Guardia: They’d laugh in my face.

I wanna see the woman who pointed the finger at them. I don’t hate her, I just want her to have to pay for the fuel for the fighter jets and the salaries of the cops and feds who were called in. I’m all about the personal accountability.