Pardon me for getting forwarded

Interesting. About a year ago, I wrote Pardon Me For Being Forward, which got a pretty decent amount of traffic. I’ve still never gotten it forwarded to me by someone who thought I’d appreciate it, though I know people who have. After seeing it pop up as a link on a community site I frequent, I went looking for references to it.

The first one I found was Forward, at a British site. They omitted my line "God is a hoax." in the interest, I assume, of good taste. I had put that in there specifically because I thought it would prevent a lot of people from forwarding the rant as too offensive. They also substituted the Ken Ardley Playboys for the Star Wars Cantina Band.

I have no idea who the Ken Ardley Playboys are, and I’m too lazy too Google them. But I’m fascinated to think of these little bits travelling across the pond and being rewritten into something less funny and less offensive. Particularly because this U.K. version keeps the reference to the IRS, peculiarly.

I just wish I could’ve watched the path that little tossed-off rant took on its travels around the world.