when i am king

flowers so you can't hate meDave says that RSS is a syndication format, nothing more. And that it has nothing to do with RDF. I am just curious, why does Dave get to make these decisions if these are community standards?

In a similar vein, I’d like to say that HTML is for text. Not images. Sure, you can put in img tags or object tags. But that’s not what it’s for. So leave images out of it. Thank you.

One point I will readily concede is that people looking to incorporate namespaces into syndication formats shouldn’t have stuck with the name RSS. But not merely for any technical reason. RSS x.0 needs to be transcended because these are becoming consumer technologies. Worthy of much more than some dorky acronym. Blogger wasn’t named RPT: Recursive Publishing Tool. That’s part of why it caught on with normal people.

One of the few lessons I’ve learned since I was a young boy is that the commerical marketplace is largely a meritocracy, but not a technical one. It’s a marketing meritocracy, and if you want to see these important communication tools get adopted, it’s time to find a marketable name for them.