Left? Riiiight.

Nick claims (archives are broken, follow the first link. Yay, Blogger!) “the earnest left urges its members to blog more to demonstrate political commitment” and I don’t buy it. He’s talking about the far, hand-wringing left. Most of us on the left who have weblogs are too busy writing about life to spend our time on an argument that the right doesn’t want to debate. So we focus on practicalities and immediate concerns, instead of trying to foam at the mouth like the right.

Don’t believe me that the right has shrieked itself into irrelevancy? Look at who they have to go after to malign us: A has-been actress/singer. Does Drudge really think she represents me? Or anyone? I hear that Mel Torme might be able to give us insights on the thoughts of the warbloggers — let’s go to him live!

And, for what it’s worth, Drudge is running a picture of Shakespeare, but that picture wasn’t made during his lifetime! It’s a (gasp!) creation of a person who was born after Shakespeare died!