Happy Birthday, MT

Congratulations to Ben and Mena on Movable Type‘s one year anniversary and the release of MT 2.5. Amazing that they’ve gone in one year from launching a product to having more features than any of their competitors, all from just two people’s work.

Update: My favorite new feature in Movable Type 2.5? It’s gotta be the must-have new addition, "Attributes hash ref is now localized before being passed in template tag handlers, which means they can modify the list of attributes in a localized scope."

Wow! What the hell does that even mean? Sometimes the non-technical readers of my site will tell me they just come by for the random ha-ha shit that I write about bendy straws or taking a shower or whatever, and that they skip the tech stuff. I always protest, "it’s not that technical!"

But now I know how they feel. I am pretty much at a loss in trying to define any word except the prepositions. Maybe it’s like some secret Al Quaeda terrorist cell message being passed through the Change Log. Or a test to see if you’re reading down the page that far. It seems like the application shares the charming quirks of its creators, amusing even when it’s inscrutable.