review of the Elements, and updates

New in Magazine, a review of The Elements of User Experience, JJG’s new book. Yes, he’s a friend. Yes, I (mostly) praise the book. That’s because it’s good.

Also in the magazine is a totally revamped version of Introducing the Microcontent Client. (Should I have called it "Reintroducing"?) The article needed a lot of updates to reflect the many changes in this realm in the past 3 weeks, along with the terrific number of high quality comments I’ve gotten on the piece, including some priceless insights from Ian Oeschger and Andrew Wooldridge, both of whom work on Mozilla and gave me a lot of insight into the practicalities of creating the application we’ve all been trying to define.

There are two more stories coming up for the magazine that have stalled a bit. I hope to have them done soon. And finally, I did some updates to my about page, which has devolved into shameless self-promotion. But why be shy about self-indulgence on a weblog that I’ve named after myself, right? Stay tuned as I finish a list of the Top 100 Reasons I Love Myself.