Hammer Breaks 'em Off Something Proper

Back in the mid-90s, as those of you who’ve seen "Behind the Music" will recall, M.C. Hammer went through a short phase where he was signed to Death Row Records and marketed as something of a gangsta. Since Hammer couldn’t legitimately threaten people’s lives without eliciting laughter, he settled for starting one-sided beef with a number of prominent East Coast rappers and groups.

For purely academic reasons, I thought it might be useful to review a complete list of groups and individuals whom Hammer found it necessary to call out, particularly in the song "Break ‘Em Off Somethin’ Proper". Here, then, is that list.

  • Q-Tip
  • A Tribe Called Quest
  • Redman
  • Dres (from Black Sheep)
  • MC Serch (from 3rd Bass)
  • Run D.M.C.

I know it’s been almost ten years since all of this happened, but I figured that meant it was time for a reminder so nobody forgets Hammer’s treachery.