a little random bellyaching

There’s a couple of things I ought to share with you.

"Charlotte’s Web 2"? I think I’ve already stated my opinions on unneeded sequels, but what the fuck is the idea behind this? First of all, [Caution: Spoilers ahead, if you’re a complete illiterate who hasn’t caught up on the White oeuvre in the past few decades.] THE SPIDER BITES IT at the end of Episode I. How the hell can her web have a part two? Unless she returns from the grave, reassembled by some Jurrasic Park team with access to her DNA, and the whole CW2 thing is a brooding rumination that takes off from there, stopping only to riff on the implications of genetically modified crops. Judging solely by the fuzziness of the stuffed animals being marketed for the new movie, I’d guess that’s not the case.

Fleetwood Mac sucks. I’m sorry, it’s just true. I know, I know, Rumors is genius, and hey, did you know they all fucked each other and Stevie Nicks used to shove cocaine up her ass? That’s all great, but they suck. I’ll give $40 to anyone who can assure that nobody will ever hear their music again. Get rid of the Mac and all their later solo efforts and the fee goes up to $75, no questions asked. I’ll PayPal it to ya.

I know that the whole "blogging about beverages" thing has been done to death recently, but Twinings tea sure sucks balls. I guess I was born into being picky about tea, (it’s an Indian thing) but their Earl Grey is just lousy. Or perhaps it’s merely appropriate, as drinking the stuff gives me the uncanny sense that someone’s been teabagging my cup of hot water. And not in a literal way. Hold the cream.

Though I really like all the features and have admired the way they’re constantly innovating as far as weblog software goes, I’ve now seen the single most compelling reason not to use Movable Type software. I think I’m gonna puke.

In just one more display of what a bunch of lying fucking hypocrites right-wing political bloggers are, they all got in a twitter about PETA equating food animals with Holocaust victims, but they’ve been egging-on Rush Limbaugh’s use of "feminazis" for more than a decade. It’s inarguable that PETA’s been totally marginalized into a haven for nutcases by having been hijacked by extremists, but if you consider animals and humans morally equivalent, then the slaughter of millions seems like a fair comparison to make. On the other hand, if you think, as most feminists do, that a woman should get equal pay for equal work, then it hardly seems as if business owners who disagree are the same as people who were marched off by the trainload to be slaughtered. In short, warbloggers, learn this lesson: misogynist millionaire entrepreneurs are not equivalent to the jews, gypsies, and homosexuals who were murdered by the million, and the many women I care about who are trying to protect a woman’s right to choose are not equivalent to those who ran the gas chambers.

I don’t understand why I need to explain any of these things.