Hazard Pay

Even though I’ve got a great job now, not everything is perfect about the gig. For example, I’ve been insisting to anyone who’d listen for the past few months that our company’s esteemed co-founders aren’t actually husband and wife, but are siblings. The White Stripes of the weblog industry.

Though I found my gag slightly amusing, some people have no sense of of when a joke is being taken too far. I actually spent the better part of half an hour waiting friday night before we went out to a party, as Ben and Mena were trying to put together co-ordinated red and white outfits. Much to their chagrin, they were unsuccessful and had to settle for dressing like actual normal humans when in public. Hello, Trotts? It’s a TrackBack ping to your outfits, being sent from Dorkville.

While I’m really enjoying being a part of Six Apart, I have to say that I’ve got some reluctance to be part of the "wacky outfits" tradition of the company. I’m kind of concerned about the precedents being set, lest I find out that pretty soon that I’m going to be forced to wear a paper hat, a name tag, and a couple dozen pieces of flair.