Hip Hop Hindi?

My cousin in California sent me the following email, but I haven’t kept up enough with our local hip hop stations enough to know if we’ve had the same trend on the radio in NYC. I figure some of you are more up to date on this, so leave any relevant comments below if you know what’s up.

We are experiencing a weird phenomenon here in LA and I was curious if it was also in NY. Our hip-hop stations are playing Hindi music. I don’t mean sampling Hindi music in a hip-hop song, I mean just plain Hindi music. DJ Quik seems to be doing it the most, but every time I turn on the radio I feel like I am at an Indian wedding where the DJ switches between Hindi music and hip-hop. My favorite was on Saturday night, where they played a semi-slow Hindi film song and then played ‘it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none’. Is this happening in NY?

So, does your local DJ throw some masala in the mix?