Phone Drugs Kill!

It’s a bit of a silly thing to rail against, but the headline of this BBC story makes me livid: "Student died after buying web drugs".
What the hell are "web drugs"? Given that the vast majority of (legal or illegal) drug sales, including those that end in someone’s death, happen over the phone, are we going to see a spate of stories warning of the dangers of "phone drugs"? Can we see all the cybercrime stories dropped to give full coverage to the nefarious telecrime scourge that’s threatening all of us?
I would think that the Internet and web technologies are ubiquitous enough now that we could finally stop explaining the medium that people use to pursue their stupidity or criminality. It always seems to be news organizations with a background in print or television that contribute to this demonization of the web in these stories, of course. I suppose it’d fall under the headline of "Dead Tree Scaremongering on the Rise".