Marathon Day!

Today is the New York City Marathon, and of course the biggest question of the day is not wondering which Kenyan will win, but who will win the heated competition between Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and Maciej "We Invented the Latent Semantic Index" Ceglowski?
Given that P. Diddy is shooting for beating Oprah’s marathon time by coming in around four hours at a sub-nine minute pace, versus Maciej’s sub-ten minute pace which would bring him in a few minutes over four hours, it seems that today’s race favors the Bad Boy over the Web Census Boy. But if you’d like to compare their live status yourself, you can track them in real time on the Marathon Tracker courtesy of the marathon website.
Of course, even if Diddy does finish the race and does come in in front of Maciej, it’s no slight against Maciej’s effort, considering he didn’t have Nike custom build him sneakers as part of his training regimen. Having watched the marathon last year with Maciej, I know he’s gonna finish and he’s gonna do great.
If you’re in New York City, get out there and support the 30,000 athletes that will be sweating their way through some incredibly warm tmperatures. And whether you’re here or not, go donate to Diddy Runs the City and help out our public schools.