Home Sweet Home

So yes, as I alluded to the other day, I’ve found a new apartment. I had posted a request for any leads on housing in Manhattan about two weeks ago and within 12 hours of the post, I’d gotten a response from Eli about an apartment which is roughly the same size as my old place, but about $500 less per month. Though we did a token exploration of some other apartments, I knew pretty much immediately that we’d be taking the place.
And though my experience probably isn’t typical, I did use the episode as an illustrative example of the potential weblogs have to change one’s life when I was talking to New York magazine. But please note: The linked article contains the worst photo of me ever. I’m not a vain man, but I do actually own a comb, contrary to what that picture would indicate.
So the ignominy of being humiliated in public for my hair made me realize that there other parts of my life to which I should be applying Blog Power Career, personal life, housing, these have all been enriched through my site. But clearly my next goal should be to see if my weblog can improve my hairstyle. (For the record, they took five rolls of photos of me and still chose that image. I bet Gawker bloggers get approval on any image before it makes it into print.)
But really, there should be no limit to the kinds of fringe benefits one can score through a weblog. After fixing my appearance, I’m going to see if my blog can help me score a free iPod. Or maybe a Segway, the very holiest weblog talisman. Sure, Howard Dean might get to be leader of the free world through his blog, but some day when I’m cruising past the White House on my Segway, the wind blowing through my neatly-coifed hair, tunes blaring from my iPod, that man’s gonna look out the window of the Oval Office and say, "man, I wish I had that guy’s blog."