Additional Fixations

I find it fascinating that I can say "New York is my favorite city!" and half the responses will say "No! New York is a terrible city because I like rural areas better than cities!" Now I will say, "Justin Timberlake is my favorite contemporary pop musician!" And people will say "Pop music sucks!" and I can be reminded why weblogs are evil.

But I digress. My intention, now that I’ve explained some of the reasoning behind my recurrent posts on New York City, is to list some of the other topics which tend to attract my attention, particularly on my list of daily links. I think it might be useful since many of these topics are ones that I don’t address in lengthier posts. Feel free to point out if I’ve missed any of my own obsessions.

  • Blogs, blogging, and all that kind of junk
  • New York, Manhattan, and all that kind of junk
  • the production and promotion of popular music
  • the coming world war over potable water
  • the fight against the theocratization of the United States
  • Prince, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, their peers, and the neo-soul artists they’ve influenced
  • the history of the personal computer software industry
  • social software applications and their attendant bubble
  • cool projects my friends are working on
  • examples of socially-responsible entrepreneurship
  • new urbanism success stories
  • innovations and trends in mass transit
  • usable large databases of public data
  • efforts to advance the political power of the hip hop nation
  • thong underwear as a wearable meme
  • advances in air travel customer experience
  • the underreported successes of Microsoft research
  • maps and cartography
  • freshdirect and the potential for web groceries in general

That’s the list so far. What am I overlooking?