Innovations in Journalism

Making the bold leap from merely waiting for Leander Kahney to watch Blogdex as this link rises, I’m actually going to try to make a Journalism Request: As mentioned by Matthew and Steven, the Yankees are promoting one of the clauses of their contract with A-Rod, that he’s now able to link to the Yankees’ team website.
Of course, this is an entirely worthless perk. I’m wondering how it became prominent enough in the contract negotiation to merit inclusion on the press release that various news sources, including the New York Times, are regurgitating.
Thus, I have a custom news story request for Wired News. Please dig into this a bit (not a lot, we’re not bucking for investigative journalism here) and get a better explanation from some Yankees functionary who’ll go on the record attesting to the fact that they don’t understand that the "right to link" is worthless.
Thank you and good day.