I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but as soon as I heard that J.J. Jackson died, I expected to see a response on Adam Curry’s weblog. I mean, I know they’re from different classic eras of MTV VJ-hood, but I figured there was an alumni association or something. And it’s not like Nina Blackwood’s a blogger.

I’m also expecting a spate of "Hey! He’s black and his last name is Jackson!" epiphanies across the web. Some quick answers to your Jackson queries: Randy Jackson of American Idol? Not Randy Jackson of The Jacksons. Sigmund Tito Jackson? A real Jackson! The late J.J. Jackson? Not a real Jackson.

At any rate, sorry to see him go so young. I believe he’s the first VJ to have passed away, and perhaps the first prominent on-air talent at MTV to pass away. That’s especially hard to believe since Kurt Loder is actually older than Earth itself.