Little Man Done Good

Now listen, I’m glad to see Prince being all everywhere these days. Really, I am. Kinda feels like I imagine my older sister felt about me when we were kids, you’re glad to see the little guy getting out there, you know he’s smart, but you just hope the little guy isn’t going to embarrass you out there because everybody knows you family.

But part of me feels like when I was 15 and I liked Prince (I think he still used to be able to get on the cover of Entertainment Weekly back then…) and everybody started liking him for about fifteen minutes. "Motherfuckers," I said back then, "Can’t you get your own shit to listen to, you Ralph Tresvant-listening motherfuckers?"

It’s all good, though, I’m glad everyone’s respecting the man. And blowing up my inbox with the "Did you see Prince on Ellen?"/"Did you see Prince in that magazine?" emails. I can feel the love. Still, some part of me agrees with Hot Chip: I’m Sick of Motherfuckers Tryin’ to Say They’re Down With Prince.