A Million Dollar Idea

A while back, Gillette released the M3Power Razor, a motorized razor based on their fan-favorite Mach 3. Now, as many of you may recall, I care about razors. I’d seen a TV show a while back explaining how to optimize the shaving razor, and it explained one key element to optimal shaving that’s still missing: motion. Though Gilette had blown through a billion bucks on the product line thus far, it seemed a glaring oversight.
But no longer. They’ve got millions of razors deployed, all motorized , and the AAA battery is included. (Why just give charge for the blades when you can charge for the blades and batteries?) You know where I’m going with this, though. There’s a huge market for plausible deniability vibrators here. Just add an alternate tip that plugs into the razor end, or a cover for the blunt end, and voila. Shy people, or travellers, or those who live in states where such masturbatory paraphernalia are prohibited, would be liberated from their sexual oppression.
I figure you could sell the “massager” tips for the Mach 3 for about five bucks. If you make a million dollars, buy me something nice.