WSJ stupidity

How bad does the Wall Street Journal’s editorial judgement suck? I will show you! OpinionJournal, home to James “he whom I asked to kiss my brown ass” Taranto, has posted an editorial which bravely defends "Let’s Get Retarded", the original title to the Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get It Started”.

On what grounds? Freedom of speech? No! Bridget Johnson is very concerned that people not accede to the demands of the Association for Retarded Citizens that the marginalized group that they represent not be insulted by having the word “retarded” used pejoratively. Indeed, Bridget bravely defends the right of people to be insulting assholes towards people who are mentally retarded.

But it’s all okay, because Bridget had a retarded friend growing up. Bravo, Bridget, you’re a class act.