The Grey Lady Blogs

I find it kinda cool that today I was in the New York Times talking about the business potential of weblogs and today the New York Times became the biggest weblog publishing business in the world.
I am also glad that crazy political bloggers who like to draw distinctions between their nemesis, the New York Times, and the one true righteous media, weblogs, are going to have to start making more nuanced comparions. Something like:

MSM (the horrible Mainstream Media) is so clueless, and the worst example is the New York Times. They just don’t get it. But bloggers do! Except the New York Times’ bloggers, who are also clueless! Even though they are bloggers, they don’t get it! Unless the New York Times’ bloggers fisk the New York Times’ journalists!

If you’re still bitter you didn’t get on Charlie Rose, feel free to use the text above for your own blog post.