Nobody has ever been fired for blogging

Those of us who care a lot about blogs are having to do a lot of work to get the truth out there about the relationship between blogs and employment. Tim Bray gives us an outstanding look at Ten Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Your Career, and Sam Ruby, as always makes the picture a little bit more nuanced without directly contradicting Tim. (Well, he does call bullshit on the title of Tim’s post, but I have a rule where anytime I see a quote taken out of context and then replied to inline, I ignore that content.)
And of course, my poor editing skills don’t allow me to be as succinct as either of those gentlemen, so I had my lengthy ramblings on this idea, too. But what’s surprising is that we’re gaining some traction with the idea that blogs really can help your career.
Over on the Professional Network blog, I linked to CNET’s Blogging FAQ. Though clearly written in reaction to the “fired for blogging” stories, even this FAQ couldn’t deny the opportunity of blogging. And on Nightline the other night, there was an extraordinarily nuanced view of blogs, once they got the requisite Dan Ratherisms out of the way. There were even some great mentions of blogs that aren’t included often enough in media coverage, like Chez Miscarriage and Fussy, both of which I’ve always been delighted by in the past.
None of the bloggers mentioned above have ever been fired for blogging. Look, 100% success!