The Laziest Web

I didn’t even have time to blog my lazyweb request for the idea, and Alan Taylor’s already built it. His comments bookmarklet shows you notes that people have made on any page that you’re visiting. I’d love to see it as a Firefox sidebar, too, perhaps one that follows the page you’re on and constantly updates.
All of this, of course, just enhances my belief that Alan’s the best person working with connecting user-facing web services today. Between the Etech presentation on Web Services Mash-Up and Ben’s work on remixing blogs with his CPAN modules that we released as part of the Power Tools set, I’m getting excited about connecting things together again.
Add in the the momentum I’ve been seeing around TypeKey, the buzz and fuss around AJAX, and the increasing amount of requests I’m getting for info on the AtomAPI, and it feels like we’ll be seeing a lot of cool new stuff coming together in the next few weeks and months. I can’t wait.