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Last week, I was contributing to Jason Kottke’s Remaindered Links, unleashing some of my now-rusty Daily Links skills on Jason’s unsuspecting audience. As Jason’s chart reveals, my best efforts were only capable of slightly diminishing his number of readers, not destroying his audience completely. I’m still working on completely eliminating Kottke from the blogosphere someday, though, so my efforts will not have been in vain.
Next time he lets me guest post, it’s going to be a bunch of self-links, some “here’s what Prince is up to today” news, maybe some Shizzolator or “Which Golden Girl Are You?” quizzes, and maybe I’ll start a flame war with some Linux zealots. In time, and with David‘s help, Jason Kottke’s terrible reign over the blogosphere will be but a small, dark fading memory.
Also, I can’t believe I posted almost twice as many links every day as I did on Jason’s site, for more than two years, for free. That’s crazy! I’m never doing so much work for you people ever again. It’s all coasting, like I’m doing now.

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