Ignoring the Hype

Paul Scrivens has been doing a great job of leveraging his brash personality and formidable talent to make a name for himself, especially in the design world. And he did a hell of a job at the kickball game this year, too. So I’m glad to see Scrivs focusing his energies on an idea like his new Ignoring the Hype Series.
In it, Paul’s looking at sites that he feels are overhyped, and pointing out ways that we can all improve. Now, I’ve tried to push back against unwarranted hype myself, but I think the bigger point that Paul makes is that we do need good, well-reasoned criticism of the tools and technologies that are being delivered today. What I see right now is either breathless praise or “This sucks!” and very little detailed look at how the applications and services we use could be evolving. I’m hoping this starts a trend in that direction.