Support the EFF

Support Bloggers' Rights!

I’ve been proud to be a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation for a few years, because I think they do important work that helps benefit all of us who value free expression online. There’s a self-serving motivation, of course, because I think part of the reason blogs have succeeded is because, in many countries, they’re a very free form of expression. But it’s also important that we support people who do the difficult, unsexy work of defending our freedoms.
From legal defense to smart guidelines for expressing yourself to helping protect bloggers from being liable for comments posted on their site, the EFF lets us keep from having to worry about the big things so we can focus on posting about the topics we’re passionate about.
So I’m glad to help promote the EFF Bloggers’ Rights campaign, which is aimed at helping bloggers realize the benefits that the EFF provides us all with, in order to encourage donations from and awareness in the blogosphere.
Go take a look at what they have to say, and if you can, make a donation.