Bay Movies, Bernoulli, Slang at the Pole and KartMatch

Sometimes I miss when I used to just share random links with folks. So here’s what’s caught my eye lately.
Greencine’s list of movies filmed in the Bay Area led me to a series of great before-and-after shots of locations from Hitchcock’s Vertigo, with an amazing number of places looking virtually the same as they did fifty years ago. (If you don’t know, Greencine’s like Netflix for movie nerds, and they’ve got some pretty good blogs that they’ve been running for a while.)
Not interested in California’s cinematic history? What about Antarctic slang? Dozens of new English coinages reflecting the distinct vernacular that arises in any extreme situation. Mercifully free of anything with a “blog-” prefix or a “-cast” suffix.
And one to bookmark for the next time you need to show how Bernoulli’s principle really works. There’s a Java applet on the page, which is not only useful, but serves as a nice reminder for those who think Ajax is the first time a really good technology got overhyped.
Finally, since it’s already been pimped on Hello, Nintendo, it’s now safe for me to point to KartMatch. It’s the demo app that Ning probably should have launched with in the first place. But in case you’re too lazy to click, the answer you’re looking for is 124614 405301.