Hey kids, do you like links? Me too.

  • Chris Anderson revisits the death of the blockbuster, which is of course astute and correct, but is mostly interesting to me because it mentions that Musicland is floundering. I’ve got a gleeful schadenfreude thing going here, based on the interactions I had with them in a company I worked at five years ago. It sucks to be in the music retailing business anyway, where else do you end up competing with both Apple and Starbucks?
  • Reading Hugh’s post was a much-needed reminder of why I love the communities I participate in, and not just my job. There’s been a number of profoundly unkind folks that seem to be getting my goat lately, but most people who blog are just plain good people.
  • From the best of craigslist, a love note to Muhammad Ali. There’s a very rare group of people who can say “I’m the Greatest” and not just have the world agree with them, but root for them.
  • Need a reminder? Here’s another list of reasons why you shouldn’t buy conflict diamonds.
  • Somehow I’d missed that Cisco bought Scientific Atlanta. Does that mean that Cisco’s got more screen-connected computers in people’s homes than Dell does? Is it possible that IOS will replace OS X as the second most popular operating system for home computers?
  • I’m kind of intrigued by Kevin Burton’s smart use of the ServerBeach affiliate program to help boostrap his work. Being the number one affiliate for a program is a great way to gain influence with a vendor, as well as to generate some good revenues. I’m learning a lot more about this stuff ever since we launched the biggest and best (and first?) blog affiliate program in the world. Sometimes it’s as much fun to do new stuff with business models as it is to do new features.
  • What’s the best Web 2.0 application in the world? iClock! I have a vision: An XML feed with the current time, updating once a minute.
  • Alert Slashdot — there’s a geek parody site that’s actually funny! Behold GPLv4.
  • I keep seeing people taking pitctures of the blogging delivered ads, and I have to admit my vision of “blogging delivered” is different. Probably something more like this.