Web 2.0 Overload

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Andre posted this Nascar-style assemblage of Web 2.0 company logos. Though there’s a number of great apps/services in there for whom I have a lot of respect, I am pretty happy that Six Apart is not in there. I just can’t help but feel a little discomfited by the preponderance of soundalike names. And how much revenue, exactly, have all these companies made? Combined?
I’m not saying it’s all about or only about the money. But this stuff’s too important for us to let it become another bubble with no editing and no filtering. Not to say that any of these companies should be filtered out, but we do need to look pretty carefully at what’s coming up. Just discoving this many entrants and making all of these into viable entities is a lot for any one industry to absorb. As with everything else, aspiring for sustainability is a great goal.