Michael Koppelman's Blog

Just found this, though it’s an older post:  Michael Koppelman’s PodCasts about his time working with Prince. Koppelman was the engineer on a bunch of great Prince tracks but also had the misfortune to be behind the desk on some of the really weak protege shit in the early 90s.

The podcast has some great stories from a (stoned-sounding) Koppelman, and the most telling statement is that those albums (especially Diamonds and Pearls and the Symbol album) were so uneven that even Prince himself later distanced himself from the work. So, if you hate Tony M as much as all of us, but still love some of the great tracks like those on the Batman album or some of the Grafitti Bridge album cuts, go listen to the podcast.

I’m just glad he’s on Movable Type. It’s like we both appreciate each other’s work!