CNN, Your mother must be proud!

Sometimes I see things and assume that either someone has the same sick sense of humor that I do, or else people have completely lost their sense of the absurd. From the sidebar on this CNN news story today comes the following poll:

### Who would you rather have overseeing operations at U.S. ports?
  • Arab-based ports company
  • U.S.-based mafia

Whoa, seriously? Somebody went to j-school for *that*? I am certain that your mother must be proud you’re the guy who put that on ($10 via PayPal to the first person who can get me a definitive answer about who’s responsible for this lunacy.) And two thirds of people who voted are in favor of *known criminals* running our ports? (Technically, it’s only 64% of the 55880 votes cast so far, but that’s still amazing.) Jon Stewart is clearly being overpaid, because some anonymous web wizard at CNN is a *lot* funnier than anything Comedy Central has conjured up. Check out [the results]( for yourself, or just cast your own vote to see what everyone else thinks.