People Really Wanna Talk About Star

One of those interesting side-effects of having lots of old blog posts around is that sometimes they come back to life. With Star being fired last week, there’s been a whole bunch of new visitors and commenters to my old post which states, correctly, that Star and Bucwild can kiss my ass.
And since, naturally, their own site offers no content and no place for people to have a discussion, it seems like the only forum for the conversation is blogs like mine, even though my site isn’t really about these clowns at all.
At any rate, I’m certainly not sad to see this no-talent get fired, but I do think it’s always interesting that individual blog posts can essentially become mini-sites, where conversations go on forever. I’d seen that in the past with my own post about diamonds, and on other people’s blogs in examples such as Jason’s post about The Matrix Reloaded. Now I’m curious to see the next conversation that wanders onto my old posts.