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Fancy Cheese is Good
You want links? You got links.

  • Seth Stevenson defends the word “sucks” in Slate. This seems relevant to me because my keynote at the O’Reilly Open Source Conference last week was callled Trying Not To Suck and because I used to get in trouble with my dad when I was a kid and said something sucked
  • On the entitlement of fandom addresses the fundamental issue of people who try to kill the things they love. This an especially pronounced trait amongst crowds or groups of fans.
  • Just randomly, this old Salon story about the acquisition and death of Webrings by Yahoo came up in a conversation today. I always loved reading Katharine Mieszkowski’s stories back then.
  • What’s wrong with Social Software? Part one, part two, and part three. Greg Knauss is so smart I’m surprised The Man hasn’t had him killed.
  • I do a lot of public speaking, so I tend to be pretty critical of presentations. (“Steve Jobs is a fantastic presenter, but do people really find smugness that appealing?”) However, I’m comfortable in saying this presentation a few months ago by Intel CEO Paul Otellini is just plain grim. If he’s not a natural presenter, why not get someone who is? If he’s excited about it, why doesn’t it show? This stuff matters!
  • We will unleash a swarm of 480 million tiny satellites to blanket the globe in a coppery ring of surveillance! Bwa ha ha ha! Except it actually happened. Project West Ford makes the looneys seem sane.
  • Beaver Cheese, Cheese Reviews. Reviewing all 43 cheese from Monty Python’s Cheese Shop sketch, and a number of other cheese as well. I also admire “Cheese Reviews is still in it’s vestigial stages. But it is envisioned as ultimately being a full featured cheese portal and community.” I love cheese, and I love the web.