Re-Revisiting Web Development Trends for 2006

As part of my continuing quest to create as many posts as possible with as little original content as possible, let’s take another look at my revisitation of my own earlier post on web dev trends for 2006. This time, it’s in the form of an interview on

Q: With the rise of code generators and powerful application developer tools, it seems we are all developers now. What do you think of that approach?

**A:**I think the democratization of tools is almost always a good thing.

The best, least predictable innovations often come from people outside a discipline. And people who have a really unique contribution to make will never be threatened by the masses of amateurs who are just trying to scratch an itch.

There’s some other good questions in the article, including “[W]hat do you think you would have said differently if you were to predict web development trends for the next 5 years?”. I’ll apologize in advance for all the horrible ad cruft on that site, though I don’t have any control over that. If I can find a cleaner link to the article, I’ll post that.