LonelyGirl (19)

  • I’ve been ruminating about radio a lot lately (more on that later), but one of the most pleasant radio discoveries of late has been XM Radio’s 80s and 90s stations, as well as their “20 on 20” pop hits station. Imagine my delight when I found that AOL Radio is streaming them for free.
  • Let’s see: Free Jay-Z concert, cute pictures of Shiba Inus, and gratuitous Prince references. Andrea Harner’s blog is apparently what I would get if I commissioned a blogger to make a site for me. For the rest of you, BuzzFeed will be more to your taste.
  • How to share your event on Google Calendar. Shouldn’t the microformats çrew be automating this stuff for all of us?
  • Michael Arrington’s taking some time off from TechCrunch. One of my main criticisms of the site has always been that he’s just a youngster in blogging years. Take it from those of us who’ve been around for half a decade or so — this whole “I’m quitting!” thing is only the first step in a bigger cycle. After you quit once or twice, you have to get in a big flame war, post an embarrassingly personal item to your site, have a grandiose Third Anniversary blog post, coin a catch phrase, and have your last name turned into a verb before you can even consider yourself a serious blogger. On the other hand, “TechCrunch is a new kind of publication” so maybe I know nothing.
  • I like the Wired cover story on LonelyGirl15, especially because they embed a number of relevant YouTube videos into the story. But how come the it’s-not-porn-we’re-journalists photo shoot video isn’t on YouTube, too? It’d be a great promo for the story!
  • “Feature” has many definitions. It can describe a full-length movie or a particularly prominent or compelling article in a magazine or newspaper. Alternately, a feature is an individual bit of functionality in a software program or application. What do I think of Jeffrey McManus’ blog post? It feels like a feature.