Me? In a Classroom?

Those who know me well know that I never really loved being in a classroom while I was in school; The whole experience, combined with my own lack of discipline at the time made grade school and high school unpleasant enough that it was inevitable I wouldn’t stay in college very long. And I haven’t had a chance to revisit that opinion until recently.
As I mentioned before, though, my job these days is mostly education. I’d visited one or two of Clay Shirky‘s ITP classes at NYU, and just a few weeks ago spoke to some students at the Haas School at Berkeley. But the most fun I’ve had recently was in talking to David Silver‘s class at USF. Now, I have coworkers and family members who go to USF, and I live only a few miles from the campus, but somehow I’d never found the chance to get up there until this past Thursday.
To my delight, the people in the class were as willing to share their thoughts and ideas with me as I was with them. David’s writeup captures some of the topics we talked about, but I just wanted to make a note to myself so I can remember how much I enjoyed it. Thanks to everybody in the class not just for spending the time, but for helping remind me just how cool a classroom can be.