Unsolicited Testimonials

From Ron Liecty’s rumination on developer evangelism on Nokia’s site, “Microsoft apologist Anil Dash, in ComputerWorld’s Jan 9th article, said Microsoft’s openness contrasts with traditionally secretive companies such as Apple Computer Inc. or Google Inc.”
Meanwhile, Pierre Igot offers a blunt assessment of my chuckle-headedness:

Someone like Anil Dash should know that all this information is highly valuable, that it is stored on a hard drive, that it is modified daily, even hourly, and that the risk of file corruption or hard disk damage is very real.
I mean, we are all guilty of having lived dangerously for years without proper backups. But I really believe that, today, in 2007, we no longer have any excuses—especially those of us who are comfortable enough with the technology.

Actually, both posts are absolutely right, and I’m taking their words out of context. But you might enjoy reading them anyway.