The Story Is What You're Reading

Here are the things to look at on the Internet today.

  • India’s President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, asks Yahoo Answers, “What should we do to free our planet from terrorism?” The answers cover the gamut you’d expect, but this is the most surprising stunt question I’ve seen on Y!Answers yet. They can get traction among world leaders, and thenMatt can beat them.
  • Doxory, life by committee. This site lets you ask the community which one of two options you should choose, to help outsource your critical decision making to strangers. It was only after ruminating on the idea for a while that I realized the name meant “Do X or Y?” (Bonus: You can sign in with OpenID.)
  • PB picks up the story in six words meme. I’ve already written mine here, and have been thinking about this since the Wired story a little while back. PB asks Jason to write one, but his community has already got it covered.