Having 'Thank You' Money

One of the goals a lot of people have when they become entrepreneurs is to have “fuck you” money: Enough personal wealth to be able to say “fuck you” to whomever you want.
As is probably evident from my little love note to Twitter, I’m enjoying Ev Williams (and his team) having the freedom to experiment with a slightly nicer version of that freedom. Call it “Thank You” money.
The best part about people being independent is that they can tell the truth. And while this is true for other bloggers (Dave Winer, Jason Calacanis, and Mark Cuban come to mind), Ev’s probably the most graceful with it. So a rumination a few months ago about Odeo’s mistakes sets the stage for an honest appraisal of the challenges faced now that Odeo is for sale.
Pretty much everybody else who’d want to do something like this would have to ask permission from someone else, permission that would likely not be granted. As someone who likes entrepreneurship and working for an independent company, it does my heart good to see others revelling in it as well.