Your April Fool's Day Joke Still Sucks

Because it’s still relevant, and people enjoyed it so much last year, I call your attention to Your April Fool’s Joke Sucks, from a year ago. Let’s revisit:

I’m trying to help you raise the bar. Thus, a list of things which do not actually constitue a valid April Fools’ Day joke:

  • “I changed my stylesheet! To someone else’s!” Why isn’t that funny? Because I still knew it was your site.
  • “Our tiny company bought/got bought by a giant company. Like Microsoft!” Wow, that’s lame. Neither believable nor surprising enough to be amusing.
  • “We are embracing this thing we’ve demonized forever!” So you’re a pest removal service that’s getting into the cockroach-raising business? Sigh.
  • “We have a big announcement today!” No you don’t. It’s Saturday.
  • “Our new product does the impossible.” You mean like making an April Fool’s joke on the web that’s actually funny.