Where's the logo critique?

Hmm, MSNBC gets a brand-new logo, presumably as part of the new “spectrum” campaign they’re doing, and yet Brand New has no review of it! The shame!
It looks like SS+K (whose site is shamefully under construction in a very 1998 way), has been leading the effort to brand MSNBC as a “Fuller Spectrum of News“. Though it’s alluding to the peacock logo MSNBC inherited from its NBC parentage, there’s clearly an allusion to having a broader focus of coverage than Fox News, too.
The lame part is the showcase at the “Spectrum” site, though. There’s a thing called “Spectrum TV”, which I thought might be an interesting visualization of their new initiative, but is basically just a trailer showing off the colors of the rainbow. There’s a screensaver, but I’m not really going to download an executable onto my system so that MSNBC can advertise itself. And there’s a game “NewsBreaker”, which I think is just a Breakout clone with headlines. That’s about two decades too late, and you can’t even play it yet anyway. They’ve got a long way to catch up to the addictiveness of Desktop Tower Defense.
And then of course the whole thing is wrapped up in a Flash movie so I can’t link to any of these elements anyway. It’d all be forgiveable if the lettering in the new logo wasn’t so wonky-looking. Hello, design blogs, help me out here!